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Fighting for a future (English Version)

My name is Julio Ramón Acosta Téllez, father of Gabriela Acosta, I was born 51 years ago in the neighborhood called Puerta de Teja (Fontibón), which is an influence and affected zone from the operation of the second runway of the Eldorado International Airport, time in which we lived in completely harmony with the Airport because the second runway didn’t exist, we could enjoyed of a healthy environment, peacefully sleep, communicate with our families and neighbors in a normal way because it wasn’t noise pollution.

Gaby 1Gabriela was born on March 13th, 2007. The girl at 5 years old didn’t talk, it was found that she had a 40% hearing loss in one of her ears and 20% in the other one, this caused problems in the development of her speech, affectation in her psychomotor part and backwardness in the school development Since the moment that the problems were found in the girl, we have had to pay to a group of specialized physicians, such as Otorhinolaryngologist, speech therapists, psychologists and motor activities in order to give her a complete treatment, we initiated this process six years ago and it shall continue in order to avoid major damages.

Currently, Gabriela is 9 years old and is studying the first grade of primary school at an specialized kindergarden in order to level her out in her academic knowledge regarding other children of the same age.

Until now, and with a big effort, we have been able to pay the medical treatments and we wonder about the same situation other families could have with their children and if they don’t have economical ways for the treatments, this will affect them for all of their lives.

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Julio Ramón Acosta Téllez

Residente del Barrio Puerta de Teja ubicado en la Zona de Afectación del Aeropuerto Internacional El Dorado.

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